Ramos: I’ve already won the title more behind

La Liga bucky bingo

Barca can play the Clasico without Messi, Real but not without Ronaldo. With 5:1 Barcelona shoots the arch rivals into the no man’s land (9th place) of the La Liga – and Julen Lopetegui finally out?

Real still has a meager 14 points on their account. Barcelona (21) lead La Liga ahead of Atlético Madrid (19) and Espanyol Barcelona (18).

After five league matches in a row without a win, the media now think that Lopetegui’s kick-out from Madrid is just a matter of time. According to “Marca“, Antonio Conte is already the successor. The decision is to be made on Monday.

We stand behind the coach until the bitter end. But the decisions will be made at the top,” said Real captain Sergio Ramos, referring to the club’s executive floor. You don’t throw in the towel yet. “I’ve already won league titles where we’re already ten points behind,” Ramos said. The point now is to “get your head up“. The criticised Lopetegui wants to fight: “I still have the strength to go on. The season is still long and I feel strong.”

Midfielder Casemiro also defends his coach energetically with clear words. When asked by a TV journalist whether the 52-year-old would have to take his hat, the Brazilian international said on the pitch: “It’s not the coach’s fault. We’re playing very badly, we haven’t had any luck for weeks“.

That’s how the game went
Leader Barcelona makes it clear from the first second who is the boss at Camp Nou.

  • 11th minute: Picture-book attack by Barca. Coutinho completed on presentation of Jordi Alba without problems – 1-0 Barcelona. The Brazilian dedicates the goal to his pregnant wife.

National goalkeeper ter Stegen must intervene for the first time after 13 minutes. However, a long-range shot from Bale does not really challenge the former Gladbach goalkeeper.

Far shots are Real’s only means against the leader of the standings, who is raising his usual Tiki-Taka.

30th minute: Video proof 911 for Barca. Suarez ice cold. The Uru-Knipser also has baby cheers. He already has the baby.

World Cup bucky bingo 683x1024 - Ramos: I've already won the title more behind

Real desolate! Kroos weak.

Barca is too frivolous with his chances, misses it to raise the result before the break to 3:0 or 4:0.

Will Classico be the last game for Real coach Lopetegui? The former Spanish national coach (dismissed a few days before the World Cup for his commitment to Real) is shaky. Allegedly, the royals have already made contact with José Mourinho (55).

  • 50th minute: Joker Vasquez sends Isco on his journey, whose input puts left-back Marcelo in the goal via detours. Only 1:2 – is it going to be exciting again?

It will be breathtaking!

Modric (56th minute) hits the post, Pique (57th) saves in highest emergency from the single-headed Ramos. On the other side, Suarez (61.) also only hits the post with a side puller.

Finally we have a Clasico! Chances in the minute cycle. Until Suarez strikes twice.

  • 75th minute: Header torpedo from Suarez! The Uru weights the ball from 13 meters against the direction of Courtois in the corner. Rumms! 83rd minute: the ball
  • 83. minute: The triple Suarez. Ramos fails at the acceptance of the ball, Sergi Roberto splashes in between, serves Suarez, who overcomes Courtois with a magnifier. Bitterly bitter for Real!
  • 87th minute: Joker Vidal makes humiliation perfect for Real. The ex-Munich hits head-on at 5:1.

Barca slaughters Real!

The 5:1 is definitely one or two goals too high. To top it all off, Real also injures goal scorer Marcelo (Wade). Bucky Bingo welcomes their players with their welcome bonus promotions!

Will a good 30 minutes be enough for Lopetegui to save his job?

During the week, Real will go to amateur club Melilla in the cup, then Valladolid in the league (6th place) and Pilsen in the Champions League. Actually three solvable tasks for Lopetegui to get the curve or an ideal debut for a new coach…