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CFS News is a leading digital news publisher in the healthcare and pharmaceutical domains. The blog covers many of today’s pressing issues such as life expectancy, cancer battles, immortality and the increasing furor over drug prices. It is currently one of the most respected digital news publishers in the East Coast.

CFS News began in 1992 when three medicine students decided that the availability of well-sourced and verifiable digital news in the healthcare space was appalling, and decided to start an online magazine with news, opinions, interviews and analytical pieces. The idea was to make concise and detail-oriented news accessible to everyone. Healthcare, of course, is a matter of public issue.

Today, the news publisher boasts a community of more than 200,000 readers within the United States. Even members of the wider industry, such as doctors, physicians, executives and researchers have credited CFS News to be a reliable and trustworthy platform. Such validations and testimonials have skyrocketed our rise to mainstream media.

CFS continues to put its emphasis on quality over glitter and controversies, that are increasingly used by other media content providers to gain attention. We believe that our area is something where truth is of the utmost significance. Healthcare is about life, after all.