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We are looking constantly to expand our journalism and content teams. As we expand further to focus on more sub-categories within healthcare, such as the increasing use of technology for example, we require more manpower and support. However, we need certain traits within our team.


The essential element in journalism is curiosity. To cover any piece of news, curiosity is crucial to uncovering details. Without it, there is no research or investigation. It ensures that you cannot rest till you clear all blurred lines or confusions. If you are an inherently curious person and aim to get to the bottom of things, you are wanted!


Research follows curiosity. Research is not limited to simply numbers and objective facts, but also gathering a more subjective perspective on events that transpired. Research should be meticulously done, and should cover all unknowns. As we are simply a blog and cannot do a full-on, comprehensive training, you should have the drive to conduct research by yourself.


Even if we are not a traditional news agency with all the equipment and manpower, we treat our profession extremely seriously. You need to exhibit professionalism whilst in this job. You will have to conduct interviews in the process of uncovering news, and this requires dedication and constant follow-ups.

As dedicated news writers, you will be handsomely compensated based on the hours and quality put in to your work. For more details, get in touch with us!