Journal of
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

Multidisciplinary Innovations in
Research, Theory & Clinical Practice

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About the Journal

The Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an important forum for ongoing debates and discussions on issues related to CFS. It offers multidisciplinary original research, practical clinical management, case reports, and literature reviews to keep the entire health care delivery team well informed. Utilizing the skills of authors from many fields, the editors and editorial board present articles and information that are both practical and thought provoking. The journal is intended for primary care physicians, psychologists, and specialists, as well as researchers from the many disciplines studying this complex illness.

The Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome provides a wide, multidisciplinary audience with a comprehensive understanding of the state-of-the-art and science in regard to CFS. It covers a rich array of disciplines that together should create a complete picture to further your understanding of the illness. The journals combination of basic sciences with epidemiology and clinical sciences make it the ideal resource to keep you up-to-date on all current literature in the field.

The co-editors of the Journal are:

Nancy Klimas MD, Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine and Director, Diagnostic Immunology and Allergy Clinic, University of Miami; Director of AIDS Research, Unit, Miami VA Medical Center;

Roberto Patarca MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Microbiology, and Immunology and Research Director of the E.M. Papper Laboratory of Clinical Immunology, University of Miami.

A more detailed description of the Journal of CFS can be seen here.

Abstracts of JCFS articles

Abstracts of JCFS articles are available on the web from the BUBL service.

How to subscribe

Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a medical journal published quarterly (4 issues per volume). ISSN 10573321. Current subscription rates as of the 2001 volume:

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There is a discount if multiple volumes are purchased together. Also, an online edition is available. See further pricing information here.

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Haworth Press Inc.
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