Why the involvement of youths is crucial to solving Healthcare

Youth are the fundamental pillars of any economy. No matter the advances and disruptions caused by technology, human skill, perseverance and determination are irreplaceable. And the next generation of the workforce need to take responsibility.

Youths have been essential to many great movements in the United States. When Martin Luther King Jr. marched on the streets of Selma, Alabama, to protest the vicious racism that was resurging in the Deep South, he marched with an army of youths. Youths full of bravery and fearlessness. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Even today students and youth activists are campaigning actively for change. In Trump’s America, there have been many controversial issues. The famous ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is something that is purely led by youths. In fact, the involvement of youths in politics is refreshing.

Youths were at it again during the Vietnam War protests in the 1960’s and the Tiananmen square democratic rally in the 1980’s. Look all around the globe, and youths are no longer the silent spectators they once were. And we need them today, much more than ever.

med - Why the involvement of youths is crucial to solving Healthcare

We know that the issues facing our country are much more than ever. We have regressed when it comes racial equality, gender rights, income gap, international relations and many more issues. Traditionally considered a champion of human rights and a firm believer in individual potential, the United States has faced recent backlash over the deterioration of many of these so-called American values.

Now we face another major issue – Healthcare. With the repeal of Obamacare, close to 20 million people risk losing their insurance. Regardless of the usefulness of Obamacare and the difference in opinion around it, people losing insurance is no joke. Unless there is a sound alternative from the Republicans, which seems increasingly unlikely, we could be witnessing a catastrophe in the unfolding.

It is now that the role of youths is more important than ever. Healthcare is a basic human right. No man or woman must have to pay over the moon to access basic prescription drugs. No one must have to be asked to spend $5,000 for a pregnancy checkup or diagnosis of a pre-condition. Imagine if the 80% of diabetes population who have prediabetes can be diagnosed and treated in time!

Let us march peacefully and assume our democratic right to protest peacefully for a cause. If we let things continue the way they have been, it could be too late to do anything.