A brief look into the dangerous effects of Diabetes in the US

Everyone in the United States is aware of one existential threat that exists today – Diabetes. The disease has ‘eaten’ (pun intended) the lives of many and continues to do so at an alarming pace. While it is hereditary in some cases, it is definitely brought about by man made causes in the others.

Worryingly enough, as per the latest CDC report, more than a 100 million Americans suffer from Diabetes today. That is almost a third of the population! Although, about 80% of that is prediabetes, which can become type II diabetes if not treated within the next few years.

dia - A brief look into the dangerous effects of Diabetes in the US

Diabetes affects people of all colors and ages. It doesn’t discriminate its victims., although African Americans and Hispanics have a proportionately higher risk of being affected. Diabetes, in turn, is classified into type I and type II diabetes. Type I is caused by genetic and environmental factors, whereas type II is purely a result of diet and weight control.

We have always had a problem in the United States with the prevalence and easy accessibility of food loaded with sugar, salt and saturated fats. Food items such as hamburgers, pizza, soft drinks and other processed meat often triggers obesity. Unfortunately, this is the type of food that is available on the cheap.

Perhaps, that is the reason why obesity is most prevalent in the Southern states, where there is a higher percentage of people living in poverty. It will take a concerted effort from both governments, corporations and people themselves to solve this issue. There is a cheaper alternative to such food that involves vegetables, fruits and non-fried meat.

We also ask America’s sweethearts such as McDonalds, Burger King and Coca-Cola to join this fight against obesity and put aside shallow considerations about profits aside. After all, they will not have clients left if obesity continues to devour lives at this rate.